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Pallas Marketing fundraising shows offer a fantastic opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their products to our large audience. The offering is exclusive so no competitor can exhibit once a business has agreed to do so, thus providing maximum return.

Our events are extremely high profile and we provide an opportunity for our exhibitors to set up stalls (like an Ideal Homes event).

We work to ensure that the exhibitors receive maximum exposure and they either sell products at the event or they give vouchers to the audience to purchase later. Here is what a recent exhibitor had to say….


As an exhibitor, we found that there was a significant return on our investment. Between launch night, stands outside and during the event itself, we received great exposure & opportunities to target new customers.

As a sponsor, we would recommend this event as a great way to help out the local community while also creating great awareness of your business / brand

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  • Our exhibitors can set up displays and stalls at the show to market their products to the audience
  • A promo video for the show carries the exhibitors’ logos and this is widely shared on Facebook, WhatsApp, Email etc.
  • Tickets and posters for the show carry the exhibitor logo
  • Large screen advertising attracts maximum audience attention
  • MC and Quizmaster refers to exhibitors regularly and ask audience to support
  • Exhibitors are invited to a media launch one month before the show and a networking event pre show
  • The websites of the exhibitors will be made accessable to all via a link on the club/school website
  • All exhibitors will be invited to a pre-show networking event and wine reception
  • Exhibitors receive 6 free tickets for the show for their customers or staff
  • All payments are VAT and Tax deductable

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